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And He Came A-Smilin'

And He Came A-Smilin’ is a dark and creepy horror tale, the fourth book in the Judas saga by Roy Bright that details events leading up to the first story.
And He Came A-Smilin' releases, Thursday 19th November 2020 and is available for
preorder on Amazon Kindle, now.
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Roy Thomas Bright was born 22nd October 1971, in Manchester and grew up in Burnley, East Lancashire.


He received his secondary education at St Wilfrids C of E High School in Blackburn and upon leaving decided to join the Royal Navy as a gunner. The need to patrol some of the worlds ‘hotspots’ allowed him to travel the globe extensively, and he was very fortunate to see a vast number of exotic countries and different cultures.


In 1998, Roy decided to leave the Royal Navy to pursue a career as a professional musician. Having been a musician since the age of six and able to play a plethora of instruments, Roy went on to experience many highs in his first band ‘deponeye’ until that ended in 2004. In 2005 Roy started his second band Exit State, which enjoyed great success touring all over the UK and parts of Europe, a No.1 video on Kerrang TV’s Most Requested show and sharing the stage with the likes of Michael Schenker, Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden), Esoterica, Dave Evans (AC/DC), The Black Mollys, Forever Never, Black Spiders and Neil Buchanan’s Marseille.


Following a successful tour with guitar legend Michael Schenker in 2012, Exit State were delighted to be invited to become Patron’s of the Children’s Hospice Arts charity chARTUK, an organization Roy is still a proud patron of, whose amazing work aims to enrich the lives of children and young people with severe disabilities and life-limiting conditions in hospices through the creative, performing and literary arts, enabling individual expression, creativity and communication.



It was in late 2012 while enjoying touring downtime that Roy decided to pursue one of his other creative passions – writing. The idea for Judas had been sitting deeply within his psyche for some time and the amalgamation of the original idea fueled by the lyrics in the rock song What Have You Done by Within Temptation finally saw him put pen to paper. A massive and steep learning curve followed, but he was fortunate due to connections made from his time within the music sector to receive exceptional advice from a number of sources. An introduction by Exit State’s manager Mark Appleton to Stephen Clegg, the author of Maria’s Papers, proved to be an invaluable one as Stephen’s help and guidance was key in ensuring Judas was worthy of being published.


In 2012, Roy published Judas via Whiteley Publishing. He then re-published a second edition of the novel via self-publishing in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.


Roy is thoroughly enjoying writing more and more, including screenplays with his screenwriting partner Mike Harris and has penned a number of original scripts, including the Judas stories.

Roy has three children, Reece, Tyler and Lily.



Judas: The Relic

Judas: Revelation

AHCAS - Kindle Cover.jpg

And He Came A-Smilin'

My Books
AHCAS - Kindle Cover.jpg

And He Came A-Smilin', will release Thursday 19th November 2020.

Roy is delighted to announce that his fourth novel, And He Came A-Smilin', will release 

19th November 2020.

The story details events leading up to the 1st Judas novel. The idea for the story came from

a screenplay that Roy had developed with the help of his long-time friend, and screenwriting partner,

Mike Harris.


The concept for the screenplay (titled, Toying) had been for

a dark and creepy, old-fashioned horror tale in the spirit of one of Roy's favourite movies, 1963's,

'The Haunting', where the focus would be on building tension through unnerving imagery and noises

(rattling doorknobs, strange bumps, shadowy figures at the periphery of vision) rather than the current Hollywood trend of an inordinate amount of “jump-scares” typically signified by a drop-out in score and predictable character and scenery framing.

During the early stage of the scripts development, Roy realised that there was an opportunity to use

the plot that he was developing and tie it into the Judas universe in a way that would explain a key moment toward the 3rd act of the 1st story. And so, Toying became, And He Came A-Smilin’ and a story Roy

believes will both delight and terrify his fans.

The book is available now for preorder on Amazon Kindle (see links above) however, as Amazon do

not offer preorders on printed versions, those wishing to own a physical copy will unfortunately have to

wait until the day of release to acquire.

Roy had hoped to release the book much earlier in 2020 but following a very challenging and tragic year

for the world had decided to hold off till later. And with that,  he wishes to extend his best wishes to all

fans of his work and to say: be well, stay safe, and thank you dearly for all the support – it is incredibly humbling to have gained such a beautiful following.

Let’s hope for a safer, and more stable 2021.


The playlists above are a selection of either 'thinking' songs or songs that Roy imagines in his scenes in the book and although a book series, the overall outcome for Judas is to become a three part movie.

A couple of the songs above, he imagines as the credits/opening scenes. At the beginning of the second book The Relic, there is a scene where the girls are actually listening to I'm so sick by Flyleaf. The song We Made This War has a very apocalyptic vibe to it, perfect for The Relic's trailer music. 

Roy has many more songs in his head for Judas and now with Judas Revelation being written, there'll be many more songs to come. 



What a fantastic read!

"Think you know Judas Iscariot? Think again as Roy Bright gives us a thoroughly entertaining action / adventure super-natural page turner.

Cursed by God himself, Judas is forced to roam the world for eternity doing the odd job for the Big Man upstairs. Charged with protecting a little girl (who just happens to be the Second Coming) from the clutches of Lucifer and his Demons, Judas uses his considerable talents to ensure this doesn't happen. Reluctantly teaming up with an unlikely pair of helpers, Roy Bright skilfully puts his twist on the classic good versus evil battle.

Wit, set-pieces and a colourful ensemble of characters all collide in a joyous romp.

An explosive debut novel, and one that whets the appetite perfectly for a sequel. Bravo, Roy! I look forward to your next book"


Amazon Customer

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